Thursday, 21 Sep, 2023

How to Find a Small Business Development Center in Your State

The SBDC delivers educational business programs and consulting services to small businesses across the state. Its network includes 15 state-funded centers and 49 outreach locations across the state. You can search for your local SBDC by entering the county name where you do business and clicking on the county in the map to find an office that serves your area. In most cases, you can also contact a local SBDC directly by phone. Here are some tips on contacting your local SBDC.

Graeme Woods

Graeme Woods, sBDC, is a multimillionaire businessman who backed the Australian arm of Global Mail, a British-Australian newspaper. Wood, who was named a member of the Order of Australia in 2012, made many investments in startups, including importing cheap eggs from NSW to Queensland. Later, he turned to the internet to boost his businesses, and wound up investing in Wotnews, a website that sells vacant hotel rooms at last-minute cuts. Eventually, he floated Wotif on the ASX for $670 million and sold off the company to the public.

Mark Geise

During National Small Business Week, the Small Business Development Center at Jamestown Community College honored Mark Geise for his extraordinary contributions to disaster recovery. As the former CEO and Deputy County Executive for Economic Development for the County of Chautauqua, Geise successfully steered numerous small businesses through the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. Today, he remains committed to long-term recovery and disaster preparedness.

Mark Geise's business

Before launching his own business, Mr. Geise held a variety of positions, including senior planner at Ecology and Environment in Lancaster, NY. He worked on proposals and bids for the company, helped market its green initiatives, and acted as its liaison with operations in the Middle East. He later served as Deputy Director of Planning & Economic Development for Chautauqua County. In 2016, Mr. Geise became the Executive Director of Chautauqua County's Land Bank Corporation.

While Mark Geise's business experience is varied, it's easy to see how his passion for helping people thrive has led him to pursue his career in the public sector. Mark has been working with community development agencies for nearly three decades, and has previously worked as a director of development in Dunkirk. Mark Geise also has an extensive background in the glass manufacturing industry, having served as a Plant Manager for ACA Reflective Glass products in Dunkirk.

Mark Geise's tax situation

If you've ever wondered what Mark Geise's tax situation is, you've come to the right place. Geise is a successful businessman who is accused of stealing millions of dollars through fraudulent business practices. He has a successful track record of economic development projects, which has helped the region grow to a population of approximately 430,000 people. In addition to his successful business practices, Geise has also been convicted of a number of other crimes.

Before being named a trustee for the Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation, Mark Geise was an environmental planner with Ecology & Environment in Lancaster, NY. His responsibilities included working on proposals and bids for the firm's Middle East operations. He later was appointed as the deputy director of planning and economic development for Chautauqua County, where he worked until 2016. Before that, he was the executive director of the Monroe County Land Bank Corporation.

Mark Geise's business growth

The new economic development manager at Chautauqua County is Mark Geise, who previously worked in Chautauqua County's Planning Department. Mark has almost three decades of experience working in business. He holds a Master's degree in Urban Planning from the University at Buffalo. After college, Mark worked in Dunkirk, New York, as a Director of Development for two years. He later worked as a Plant Manager at ACA Reflective Glass.

As the CEO of the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency, Mark Geise has a unique perspective on the business world. He is the Deputy County Executive for Economic Development and is committed to long-term restoration of the region and future disaster preparedness. Geise has worked with entrepreneurs and public leaders from across the country. Geise has written a monthly column in the local newspaper for the past two years, focusing on elements of the economic development plan that are relevant to the public and showcasing the incremental progress made in a community.

Before starting his business, Mark Geise served as an environmental planner for Ecology & Environment in Lancaster, NY. He was responsible for developing bids and proposals, marketing green initiatives, and working as a liaison to E&E's Middle Eastern operations. In addition, he worked as the Executive Director for the Chautauqua County Land Bank Corporation and led several trail development projects in the area. He also has been an instrumental part of the development of Chautauqua Lake Sewer Integration Plan, which was aimed at extending sewer service around Chautauqua Lake.